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Shop our S/S 2014/5 Collection - A Moment In Time

We're bringing you Bondi in a whole new light this season.  The one and only Brad Malyon has captured those special moments that took our breath away.  From the sunrise to the sunset, and everything in between.  All images taken on Bondi Beach, Australia.


That moment of cool water surrounding our skin refreshes our mind and body. This original print by Brad Malyon is so damn mesmerising it makes us want to stand under the clouds and let the rain wash over us.


From dawn 'til dusk, this sexy stretch of sand is ever-changing. Catch her at the right moment and she'll make you blush she's so pretty. Original print by Brad Malyon. 

Powder Diamonds

That moment we submerge ourselves under the surface of the beautiful Bondi water we just lose ourselves. This dreamy underwater image was taken by Brad Malyon, and captures that moment perfectly.

24 Carat

Watching the sun set over Bondi is one of those moments that take your breath away. We love how the talented Brad Malyon has captured a million golden shimmering tones in our sexy stretch of sand, we're not letting this one pass.

Big Rush

Some of us catch barrels this beautiful everyday. Some of us just love this gorgeous print by Brad Malyon and wanted to soak up the surfie vibe without leaving the sand. However you wear it, own that barrel like a boss!