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FAQs including delivery times

Why is ‘Australian Made’ such a big deal?

When a company makes its products right here in Australia (like we do), it gives locals jobs and boosts the economy. It’s kind of a big thing.

But what does 'Australian Made' really mean?

Here’s the deal: Made in Australia means that the product is substantially constructed in this country and a minimum 50% of the cost of production has been incurred in Australia. Companies also have to comply with the rules of the Australian Made Code of Practice—no child labour, for one!

Do you ship to countries other than Australia?

Hell, yeah! We ship all of our orders via Australia Post (Registered Post International). Once you’ve clicked on that buy now button and we’ve cleared the payment, we’ll hustle your purchase into the postbox within a speedy 24 hours (if it’s a business day, that is. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until we get back from the beach).

How long will it take for my order to reach me?

We know, every day without your sexy new swimmers is killing you. It depends on your location, but orders usually take around two weeks to arrive in your hot little hands.  

Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

Yep, no worries.

How much is delivery?

Free Shipping over $150!!! We also have super quick delivery options available, in case you urgently need some hot bathers for an avo BBQ.  

How can I pay you?

The usual suspects: Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

What if I want to return my swimmers?

Sorry, we can’t take returns because of health and hygiene issues (need we say more?). We can do an exchange is the sizing isn’t correct. Just make sure that the product hasn’t been worn, tags are on and that sexy little hygiene strip is intact! Hot tip: use the size chart to make sure your measurements match up, and remember, all our bikinis are fully adjustable. And just a heads up: once tags are removed from our merchandise we aren't responsible for any damage that may occur.

How can I tell what size I am?

Say hello to our handy size chart! Because we’re all a bunch of gorgeous different shapes, remember that fit depends on how you like your bikini to sit and things we don’t measure for, like how long those legs are.Our bikini tops have totally adjustable back and neck ties, plus they’re fully lined so you can stop stressing and enjoy that surf! As for our bikini bottoms, they come in a bunch of different cuts but all have one thing in common: they’re adjustable on the sides so you can work out exactly where you want them to sit on that hot behind.

Help! My bikini is broken.

No one’s perfect, including us. So if something’s faulty with the swimwear you've purchased, we'll replace it. Just make sure it's in its original condition—which means unworn and with its tags attached. And just FYI, we're not responsible if your bikini goes missing en route back to us.