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Well, hey! We’re glad you stopped by. You love Bondi? Same here. In fact, our little-clothing-label-that-could is all about that sexy strip of Sydney sand. Yep, we’re a bunch of Bondi locals with one thing in common—we love, love, love where we live. It’s the whole reason we started up this baby of ours, and the beach’s sun, sea and singular lifestyle is still the number one inspiration for our smokin’-hot swimwear.


Swimmers, bathers, togs—whatever you want to call those skimpy bits of lycra, we all know they can make or break a summertime look. That’s why we’ve made our range of bathers so freakin’ rad. With super-flattering styles including our very own ‘Australian Cut’ (our take on the Brazilian!) and photographic prints on our swimwear that show off the gorgeous and gritty parts of the most iconic beaches in the world (that’d be Bondi), our line is a super-stylish way to show off that baben bod.


Speaking of, are you loving it? We hope you’ve found a print to suit your personality —this bunch of bathers is all about options, and we’ve tested each and every one a gazillion times to make sure they’re awesome. And, yes, we only use the highest-quality fabrics that stand up to the salty sea and savage sun we all know and love.



What else can we tell you? Well, here’s why we think we’re going to be friends:

  • We design and make everything here in Australia

  • Our fabric is the bomb. It’s the highest quality, super-soft but it never, ever ends up with a saggy bum, and those gorgeous colours will last for years

  • Each piece has a high UV rating of 50+ to protect that beautiful skin of yours

  • Our collections are all limited-edition—which means you won’t see every other person on the beach wearing your bikini. And we only sell direct, via this sexy site

  • Every piece is unique – because we make limited quantities of every piece, there might be little variations which means yours is one of a kind

  • We love it when you customize your look to suit your shape and style, so we sell all our pieces as separates

So here we are, launching our first range. We love them and hope you do too. And stay tuned - we've got a men's range, new prints and new styles already in the pipeline that we can't wait to share with you.


Love us? Got a bone to pick? Wanna know where the best coffee in Bondi is? Shoot us an email to