We **heart** summer

As the sun is making an appearance for longer every day (god bless you daylight saving!) we’re really glad to be staked out in Bondi. One of the best things about Bondi (apart from the obvious living near one of the best beaches in the world factor) is that everyone’s just so laid back. It’s like being on holiday all the time. We know every beachside suburb will probably lay claim to that particular statement but with Bondi there’s absolutely zero doubt it’s true. And you’re never short of things to do. Another thing to love! If you don’t feel like going to the beach for whatever bizarre reason you can always hit up the gazillion restaurants that are dotted around Bondi and you can go for something as fancy as Bondi Icebergs or something as chilled as the local organic café. There’s plenty of shopping to be done, there’s always a bar to have a drink at and there’s plenty of places to grab ice cream (which is really totally important as far as feeling like you’re in holiday mode goes). Have you got a favourite spot in Bondi? We want to hear about it! Send us a little email to kerry@bondibather.com or post it on our Facey page x

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