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So...we just launched our first store!!

Kerry Cusack

Posted on September 15 2013

That’s right there’s an official Bondi Bather HQ now. We always said our range was an itty bitty bit of Bondi and now we literally have our own itty bitty bit of Bondi. The store’s located on Gould Street in Bondi Beach so if you’re in the ‘hood come and say hi. We admittedly got a little giddy (read: four year old after litres of red cordial) when we finally saw it come together. No one actually tells you getting a store ready is more hard labour than high glamour (we do have A LOT of bikinis) but we’re pleased to say it looks absolutely phenomenal. And it has been really nice seeing our Bondi Bather customers face-to-face. We love our website and all but it’s nice to see real live actual people coming in to check out our stuff. Have you been to the store? What did you think? Shoot us an email on


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