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So you know you're in Bondi when...

Kerry Cusack

Posted on June 18 2013

You’re left baffled as to how it is that there are so many ridiculously attractive people in such a small vicinity.
You’re quite confident no one would bat an eyelid if you popped out to grab a coffee or do a spot of grocery shopping in a bikini.

You’ve spotted more Ray Bans, V-neck shirts and side boob in five minutes than you have in your whole life.
There’s a seemingly endless supply of juice bars and/or health food stores to choose from.
You feel overdressed when you’re fully clothed.

You can go shopping, get a drink, grab some fish and chips and stop off for a cheesy souvenir all in the one street.

The moment you sit down to eat a seagull attacks you.

You walk down the street and have already added at least five outfits to your mental wardrobe inspo board.
You can kinda relate to this


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