One thing we've learned launching a new brand: busy takes on a whole new meaning!

This week we launched our international competition to find the new face of Bondi Bather! Entry is via the Facebook page, open to anyone in the world and the prize is a trip to Australia (with a friend) and a shoot on Bondi Beach to star in our new campaign :) Celebrity judges are Brad Malyon from Bondi rescue, and Benji Hart, owner of one of Australia's top model agencies, London Management!

It's like the blind auditions on The Voice (except you know, minus the spinning chairs and people don't sing and we can actually see the contestants...actually come to think of it, it's nothing like The Voice apart from the fact people are trying out but it is equally as exciting and you won't have to put up with Seal saying really weird things).

So are YOU the walking, talking, embodiment of Bondi Bather we're looking for? If you are, head to our Facebook page and check out our competition video! It's the gig of a lifetime, plus we give you permission to show off to your heart's content on all forms of social media. Just imagine the likes you'll get!

In case you're wondering, we don't JUST sit on the beach and chill out all day, although with Bondi on our doorstep it's tempting! The biggest, most exciting thing that happened this week behind the scenes were our first press showings (fancy PR speak for showing media our product) and the verdict is they loved us, they really loved us! Our PR agency, the PR Department, had a Bondi Bather marathon showing over 3 days, and while it's a bit nerve racking having fashion editors scrutinising your product it was happy times when we got the big tick of approval from the industry elite (and these ladies know their stuff!!). It makes all our blood, sweat and tears worthwhile to have everyone from Cosmopolitan to Shop til you Drop in front of our range! We're elated with so much kind feedback; it's been great to hear that all those details we worked so hard on the make our swimwear the best were appreciated! Thanks to all the ladies who came to see the collection and for all your beautiful praise, it means the world to us!

This swimwear season, Bondi Bather will be making its debut in a magazine near you, we can¹t wait to see how the pages turn out! Excitement!

Monday, 20th May 2013

Well, hi from our itty bitty bit of Bondi! As far as places go, Bondi’s pretty much synonymous with sun, sand and surf so what better inspo for a swimwear brand than one of the most iconic beaches in the world. Fast forward from this a-ha moment to a few months of very hard work and Bondi Bather was born.

And hey, just like Bondi isn’t just any ol’ beach, we couldn’t give you just any ol’ swimmers. Photographer and lifesaver (no seriously, he was on Bondi Rescue) Brad Malyon has been snapping Bondi for years. He had a gallery of images that just needed to come to life so we thought why not turn them into wearable art? And that’s why every Bondi Bather graphic you see has been created from one of Brad’s images. The best bit is, every piece is slightly different so you won’t see 50 million other girls with the same swimmers.

Apart from the cool art, we’ve also created our own Australian cut bikini bottoms. It’s not as skimpy as a Brazilian bikini bottom (cause let’s face it, dental floss swimmers ain’t helping anyone) but not so much coverage that you think you’ve gone swimming in your tracksuit pants. It’s the most flattering cut you will ever see and we guarantee your bottom will send you a thank you card once you try it. Apart from our range of mix and match tops and bottoms, we’ve also got a variety of onesie swimmers that are so cute they should be illegal.

How can you resist, right? Cause we’re nice we’ve made it super easy for you to buy up a storm as you can pay using all major credit cards and Paypal, plus if you’re in Oz we’ve got a range of delivery options that can get your Bondi Bathers to you in as little as the next day. If you’re overseas you’ll have your bathers in 3 to 10 business days. Too easy!

We hope you join us for the ride. Cause Bondi’s pretty awesome don’t you think?

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